Tutor FAQs

Please read through the following frequently asked questions

How TutrIQ Works

In order for you to start tutoring, you must: 1) Complete your Profile, 2) Verify your Account, 3) Add your Bank Details, 4) Setup your Booking Calendar, and 5) Connect Groups to a Zoom Account.

It depends on how strong your Tutor Profile is, and whether your Hourly Rate is competitive in relation to other tutors. It also depends on your availability.

Please read our Tutor Terms for details about payments, and your obligation as a Tutor.

Before you can start teaching, you must verify your account by providing your National ID no, and accept the Tutor Declaration which will be added to your Profile.

On every Tutor’s Profile, there will be a Booking Calendar, and students will be able to check Tutor Availability and book lessons in advance.

TutrIQ Terms of Use

No, TutrIQ is NOT a networking platform. Therefore, you cannot connect with or message other Tutors. TutrIQ is an online learning platform to facilitate interaction between Tutors and Students.

No, you must only provide Zoom lessons via TutrIQ.

Yes, we will soon be adding an option for Tutors to create their own courses.

No, Tutors are not allowed to exchange their contact info with students. We will provide you with a TutrIQ email for Zoom Meetings.

Every student will be entitled to a free introductory lesson for up to 30 minutes, with any Tutor they choose. So that the students can decide whether they are satisfied with Tutor’s teaching style and methodology.

Tutor Guidelines

Please read through these tutor guidelines

Profile Completion

Please complete all the sections within the profile. If the profile is incomplete, you will be removed from Tutors Directory.

Please use your own profile picture instead of an image or avatar. If you don’t feel comfortable adding your picture, then use the default avatar instead.

Please only give a brief summary of your academic background, and tutoring experience. 

It is highly recommended that you set your Hourly Rate close to the average. If you set your rate too high, you might struggle to get new student inquiries.

Try to be focused with your Subject Choices, only select the subjects that you’re really good at teaching.


Create one group for each subject that you’re offering. Group name should be short and relevant to the subject.

As a Tutor, you cannot join other Tutors’ Groups. The Groups are only meant for students.

When creating a new Group, please do NOT send invitations to students to join your group. If a student is interested in joining your group, they will send you a request.

All Tutor Groups should be Private, to protect the privacy of students. All Group Settings must be strictly controlled by the Tutor, and only the Tutor is allowed to send messages in the group.

Please connect your groups to a Zoom account, to allow lessons to be scheduled from each group. Please click the “Setup Wizard” button in Group Zoom settings to guide you step by step.